ANSWER Camp 2.0

ANSWER 2.0 is a pilot project designed to measure how to cultivate students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), build related skills among diverse groups of young people, and build a supportive social context for STEM.

Participants are expected to improve academic skills and gain confidence and mastery necessary to be successful in their transitions from middle to high school and future endeavors related to STEM.

Over the next 3 years of the pilot, ANSWER 2.0 will work with 45 students residing in 28 communities, representing 15 school districts. Students will attend:

  • Annual residential summer camps in Nenana, modeled after the highly successful ANSWER Camp program
  • Annual career awareness academies in Juneau, based on SERRC’s popular Career Connections program
  • Monthly webinars to engage students in STEM topics, as well as introduce students to the many STEM career paths